Beauty.marked is the make up portion of HOM. Beauty.marked is run by make up artist Micaela Jordan. All her videos can be found at her youtube channel bbeautymard. I film, edit, and direct all of her videos. Her channel currently is partnered with Style Haul. Her channel also has over 15,000 suscribers and over 600,000 views.

This video was shot at Era Lounge in Oakland on February 2012. This video was meant to promote Micaela Jordan’s high fashion make up talents. She did the make up for three models. The models then displayed their make up in a photo shoot with photographer Kola Shoba.




HOM stands for House of Micaela. House of Micaela is the freelance company of Micaela Jordan. House of Micaela Artistry houses both businesses of Fine Artistry and Makeup Artistry. Her Makeup artistry business is name Beauty.marked. She welcomes her clients into her “World of creative custom work for both the canvas and the face.”

Beauty.marked was her first identity that I created. I wanted to focus on the Marked portion. I took an uppercase R and adjusted it so that it would some what look like a lowercase m. I kept the leg of the uppercase R and took away its stem.I used Gestalt’s law of closure by adding a dot under the leg of the R to complete the lowercase m. The dot also is representation of the “beauty mark”. The logo also represents the artist, Micaela Jordan, by having her initials [MRJ] in the design. The m is created by the uppercase R and the dot, the R is the main portion of the logo, and the lowercase j’s dot is what is used to create the “beauty mark.” I then took the logo and used it for the HOM logo which looks like a house because it houses all of artistries.




Photo Shoot

I had a photo shoot with Make up artist Micaela Jordan, to display her talents with her make up.

  • Make: Canon
  • Model: Canon EOS REBEL T1i | 500D
  • Exposure: 1|50 sec at f3.5
  • Focal Length: 50 mm
  • ISO: 800
  • Date: 3/30/11




Freelance Website

This is the temporary website that I design a couple of years back. The website is HTML5 and CSS3 based. This website displays all her art work and her make up work.




Business Cards

Micaela wanted some really clean/minimal business cards. She wanted her slogan on the front. “Where Art Meets The Canvas And The Face”

So I created a really simple design to go around her slogan. On the back she wanted her logo to be displayed with all her contact information on it.