I am a UI/UX Designer currently working at CSAA Insurance Group

[at*ra] — black. latin.

Black, in terms of pigment, is a combination of all colors. This represents my versatility in a numerous amount of assets that complement design. I started in art, then continued into design, with a knowledge of 3D programs, Flash, HTML, Print, Photography, etc. ATRA is also an acronym that stands for "Aspire To Retain Aesthetics." Originating with an art background, I have always pursed to keep my design as appealing as possible.

The Designer

I'm Micah Jordan, a freelance graphic designer living in the Bay Area. I am a graduate of San Francisco State University, with a Bachelors of Science in Visual Communication Design. Currently I am working for various clients, but searching for something more permanent. I have a passion for design, and am constantly trying to teach myself different aspects of the trade.